HAF Camps

What is HAF ?

The Tower Hamlets Council HAF (Holiday Activities and Food) funded camps are special programs designed to support children and young people during school holidays. These camps are specifically aimed at those who are eligible for and claiming benefits-related free school meals.

About HAF Camps

Thousands of children and young people aged 4 to 16 can enjoy a free place at different holiday activity clubs, thanks to the HAF funding. These camps provide a safe, engaging, and supportive environment where participants can make the most of their school holidays.

What We Offer:

Nutritious Meals: Every child receives free, nutritious, and tasty food to ensure they stay healthy and energised throughout the day.

Physical Activities: Fun physical activity sessions are included to keep children active and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Diverse Activities: A wide range of exciting activities are available to suit different ages and personalities, ensuring every child finds something they enjoy.

Food and Nutrition Education: Opportunities are provided for children and their families to learn more about food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits.

Our HAF camps are committed to making holiday periods enjoyable, enriching, and beneficial for all eligible children. Join us at Tower Hamlets Youth League United for a holiday experience that combines fun, learning, and nourishment.


Easter Camp


Winter Camp


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